Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Shami Chakrabarti - Liberty

Shami Chakrabarti is the director of Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties) - a charitable trust . Liberty is both an unincorporated association made up of members, and a non-profit making company that employs staff and runs campaigns. The organisation provides advice and information for human rights. For 75 years, Liberty’s causes have been many and varied. They have taken a stand against the misuse of police powers, censorship, and the use of torture. They have fought for gay and lesbian rights, equal pay for women, freedom of speech and assembly, aswell as for children.

The website below shows much more detail and worth a look:


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Crystal said...

Hi, Hazel
thank you for share this information, I had tried to find out this one but I couldn't.
by the way, today we were still talk about the human right and children's right. next week we are going to talk about the high scope.